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Clark Family Photo Gallery

Just a few collections that might be of interest.....

Paul's Navy Retirement

Hillary's Graduation


Post-Christmas 2006


At the lake

Mimi, Alex and Tyler catching up with Grandpa & Tommy

Mommy & Tyler at the lake

Tyler waiting for his chance to run free

The lake

Every good lake has ducks

...and a boat ramp for the ducks to come ashore on

Lots of rocks here

...and water...

...for throwing rocks into - what fun!

Grandpa & Tommy checking out the fishing dock

Looking for fish?

Where? Down there?

Everybody get to go out on the dock

Taking a break...

...and throwing rocks in the water

And watching for fish and ducks

Throwing rocks requires great concentration

Great form!

The guys checking out the trail

More ducks!!

Tyler picking individual blades of grass

Hey, this is really the good stuff!

Here's more!!

Check out this rock!

There's something down there

Are those tires big or what?


Tommy & Tyler's Birthday Party - 2006

Everybody get a present and a little help, even the guests from across the street

More presents for eveyone

Hillary helping Tommy open the presents

Hillary & Tommy playing with boxes again

Tyler getting a little help and lovin' from Aunt Hillary

A chocolate cake for two birthday boys!!

Getting ready to get some cake

Tommy blows out the candle

Tommy playing on the new train table

He likes his trains

Where's Tommy?

The end of a BIG day

Aunt Hillary ran out of steam too!


Fishing 2006

There are redfish in Florida that I can catch - really!!

A Lookdown - of the jack family. Rarely takes a hook, but took mine in July

Tommy fishing at the lake

He's pretty sure he's having fun

The first fish!!!

A better view

Had to find another spot to fish

Wow, caught one here too!

A little refreshment at the end of a hot day fishing



Trip to France and the Czech Republic

View of Lyon from the hill above the old town

The living room of Hillary's host family's house

Cathedral on the hill above Lyon

Interior of the cathedral

View of the cathedral from the square in the old section of Lyon at night.

Gus & Diane overlooking Lyon

Hillary & Gus with Lyon in the background

Diane and Hillary from the same vantage point

Looking down on central Lyon

Diane & Gus with one of Lyon's rivers in the background

Diane & Hillary in the same place

Hillary approaching a bus stop we used a lot in Lyon

Roman ruins in Lyon

Diane and Hillary at the Roman ruins in Lyon

Roman amphitheatre in Lyon

Strasbourg Cathedral coming into view as we enter the square

The Strasbourg Cathedral - Front view

The single spire

The side view - an imposing structure hidden in the heart of the old city

The main entrance to the Cathedral

Detailed carvings of the entrance

The Cathedral Square

Section of the old town seen from the tour boat

Diane & Hillary at the train station in Strasbourg as we leave for Paris

Our hotel room in Prague

Hillary's hotel room in Prague (it's bigger!)

Diane and Hillary outside our favorite restaurant in Prague - Le Patio

Diane and Gus outside Le Patio

The relief Guard marching to the castle courtyard

Changing of the Guard

Narrow passageway on the grounds of Prague Castle

A street of shops in Prague Castle

The original entrance to St. Vitus Cathedral (no longer used)

The spire of St. Vitus Cathedral

An early basilica within Prague Castle

View of Prague from the Castle

Looking down on the Vitava River valley from the Castle

Gus & Hillary on the Charles Bridge

Looking upriver from the Charles Bridge

The altar of St. Nicholas Church in Lesser Town

An altar from another church in Old Town

The Powder Tower (Old Town) at night

Old Town Square at night

Gus getting started on a liter of beer at dinner

Hillary and Diane at dinner (watching Gus drink just one beer)

There - just one beer!

Diane and Hillary doing a little shopping in Prague

Old Town Prague

Old Town architecture

Daytime view of the Powder Tower

Interesting building in the Old Jewish Quarter of Prague

The Jewish Cemetery

Looking through a "window" in the wall around the Jewish Cemetery

Another view of the Jewish Cemetery

More 17th Century architecture

Or maybe 18th Century

Our tour group on day two

Diane, Hillary, Lisa and Anne (our British tour buddies for both days)

No telling what kinds of places you'll find in old Europe!

Old Town Square at night

View from Old Town Square at night

View of Prague Castle from the river at night

Perhaps a better view

Street in Lesser Town

Monument outrside St. Nicholas Church in Lesser Town

St. Nicholas Church in Lesser Town

The altar in St. Nicholas

Back in Paris

Hotel Claude Bernard - Paris - Rue des Ecoles

Notre Dame in afternoon sunlight

Main entrance to Notre Dame

Notre Dame from the rear

Diane and Hillary on a bridge with Notre Dame in the background

Diane and Gus at Notre Dame

Hillary and Gus at Notre Dame

The Seine River at dusk near Notre Dame

Notre Dame at evening, lit by flood lights

Basilique du Sacre Coeur at night

Hotel des Invalides - home of the Musée de l'Armée

and Napoleon's Tomb

The courtyard of the Hotel des Invalides with Honor Guard awaiting arrival of a dignitary

View of the courtyard from the other side

Diane and Hillary beside one of the cannons displayed at the Museum

Hillary in a lighter moment

Hillary being shot out of a cannon - sort of

French artillery - probably saw action in many losing battles

The chapel at the Army Museum

Diane and Gus in front of Napoleon's Tomb

Diane and Hillary at the Tomb

Hillary and Gus at the Tomb

The altar at Napoleon's Tomb

The dome above the Tomb

Sacre Coeur as seen from the Musee d'Orsay

In Paris they block off the Rue des Ecoles for a huge crowd of roller bladers

Hillary at Nord de Lyon before she left to return to Lyon

Diane and Hillary by the train

Gus and Hillary by the train

Hillary leaves to return to the drudgery of schoolwork - poor girl

The altar at Sainte Chapelle

Stained Glass Windows at Sainte Chapelle

Rosette in the rear of Sainte Chapelle

More stunning stained glass windows

Robes worn by French judges - captured for the benefit of Judge Robert (Diane's brother)

Luxembourg Gardens in Paris

Another view of the Gardens

An intimate French restaurant where we had dinner just around the corner from our hotel

The Hotel Claude Bernard - a great base for our Paris explorations



The Truck

The 2005 F150 Street Boss - made to pull my boat!

Head on.

The back seat is for little people!

The interior - comfortable and roomy

Just want to make sure you don't miss anything.

A beautiful couple!

Ready to go!



Tyler's Christening

Tyler Bosack - the big weekend begins!

Alex and Tyler getting ready

Just relaxin'

It's exercise time - push-ups

Moving the blanket - easier than moving himself at this point

Watching TV - and everyone else

Tommy entertaining Great Grandma Heller and Uncle Bobby

Aunt Hillary entertaining Tyler

Tommy and Grandpa Bosack with a new train set

Tommy rearranging the train set

Tommy's got this train thing figured out!

Hillary and Tyler socializing at the party

Jenny and Tyler - practicing?

Great Grandma and Fini

Christine Wright & Hillary

CAPT Steve Wright & Christine

Hillary, Grandpa and Tyler recovering from the party!



Tyler Bosack Comes Home!

Grandma Diane holding the new baby

Tyler is not sure about this new place

It's easy to sleep in though

Everyone glad to be back home with Tyler

Grandma, Mom and (now) big brother

Grandpa and Tyler just kickin' back

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Fishing 2005

Hillary and her first redfish of 2005

Hillary's first sheephead ever!

Lots of folks fish here!

Really, I have lots of company!

The "Fishmaster" after a hard day on the Intracoastal

Gus & Hillary in March

Gus & Hillary goofing around

Hillary's trout, the only fish caught that day!

Hillary waiting to hook up

A great place to be on a Saturday morning - the Intracoastal Waterway

A trout for Hillary

Gus & Hillary with a trout on Memorial Day Weekend 2005. Tim took the picture.

Tim caught the only fish during our 4th of July weekend expedition

Hopedale, LA. Starting point for our July 14/15 fishing break.

First day catch - 34 trout, 2 sheephead, 1 flounder

For the record, before the cleaning begins

These are going to get cleaned any minute now

A calm, comfortable day on the water!

Dan doing a little housekeeping

Taking a break from the furious action on day 2

Dan's bull redfish, by far the biggest catch of the trip

Day 2 catch

Dan with his big winner

Gus just glad he didn't spend the day at the office

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Christmas 2004

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Tommy and Mom in Jacksonville

End of a Long Trip

Alex and Tommy arriving at the Jacksonville airport.

New toy

Tommy on the way to Grandma's house with the first of an endless stream of presents. Maximum spoilage of the grandson is underway.

What's this?

Tommy digging into Grandma's peat moss.

Nice Boat

Tommy checking out Grandpa's boat

Working the pots

Tommy likes to stir stuff and bangs on any pot available.

This is my ball.

Tommy keeping the ball from Aunt Hillary.

Gettin' a little help!

Tommy gets some help from Aunt Hillary to kick the ball

Where's the water?

Tommy is all ready to go boating.

When are we going?

Tommy is tired of waiting for the boating adventure

Getting Underway

Alex and Tommy enjoying the ride as Grandpa gets underway.

Underway on the St. Johns.

Hillary and Tommy out on the water. Mom is there too, but not quite at ease.

Manning the Rail

Is that land over there? Tommy watching as we come back to the dock.

Back ashore

Hillary with Tommy on the dock while Alex tries to avoid falling in the water. (She made it).

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The latest pictures from Texas

Julie, Cecilia and friends

Is this a happy little lady or what?

Now there's a nice bass. Maybe a couple of future BASS Tour pros here!


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Grammy's 80th Birthday Dinner

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The Crawfish Boil and Pool Party


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More Pictures from Grammy's 80th Birthday Weekend

Hillary relaxing at the condo

Tommy catching a little nap on Aunt Hillary

Grandpa and Tommy

Dan's pool - before the party!

Tommy going for the Fritos

Aunt Evelyn and Tim

Uncle Leland & Uncle Arthur interested in something???

Theresa, Sharon & Uncle Ken at Grammy's

Daniel & Jonathon with Uncle Ken at Grammy's

Alexandra and Tommy IV

Tommy in the pool with Mom and Aunt Hillary

Daniel & Joe enjoying some crawdads

Tommy and Conlan checking out Celie's kitchen

Liz trying to introduce Tommy and Conlan

Julie & little Cecilia

A spirited game of Nuts

Playing some bridge at Dan & Celie's


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Dr. Lester Scully & Jean

Lester Scully, brother of Loyola Scully Clark. Medical doctor in the National Health Service. This photo taken somewhere in the Far East, the Phillippines perhaps.

Aunt Toots

Mary Winifred Clark, sister of Augustus W.Clark, Sr.

Augustus Walter Clark

Husband of Loyola Scully and father of Augustus W. Clark, Jr.

Augustus & Loyola Clark

This photo taken soon after their wedding.

Loyola Clark and infant Gus, Jr.

Probably in San Francisco circa 1924

Katherine J. Scully and infant Gus, Jr.

Mother of Loyola Scully Clark.

Augustus W. Clark, Jr.

2LT A. W. Clark, USA during WWII

Momma Tess - 1938

Theresa Meyer Clark Taggart, mother of Augustus W. clark, SR. and Mary Winifred Clark

Loyola Scully Clark

Photo taken in 1942 at age 46

Uncle Trubody

Martin A. Prior's father's uncle (mother's brother)

Myria Trubody Prior

Martin A. Prior's paternal grandmother

John and Frank Prior

Martin A. Prior's uncle and father respectively

Frank Prior and children

Frank Prior (M. A. Prior's father) with Wilder Aloysious and Eula Prior (M. A. Prior's older siblings)

Eleanor Mills

Eleanor Mills as a young woman in San Francisco

Eleanor Mills Prior

Grandmother Prior in Berkley

Grandma Mills Prior

Tending her grarden in 1937

Martin Prior's Birthplace

Los Angeles, California. Probably Eleanor Mills Prior on the porch with children Al and Eula playing in the yard

Nora Sprole Mills

Mother of Eleanor Mills

The Rush Family

From left to right; Mr. Codd, Margaret Codd Rush, O. Eugene Rush, front row, Mae, Eugene & Alice Rush.

The Rush Family Home

The home of Eugene and Margaret Rush on Moss Avenue in San Francisco. Mr. Codd and Margaret Codd Rush are at the gate.


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Fishing Pics!

Tim's first redfish!

Fishing for trout and redfish. Tom, Dan & Tim.

The yield of a Louisiana fishing trip. Dan, tom & Tim.

My 19' FishMaster and Hillary at Sisters Creek boat ramp on the Intracoastal.

See, there really are fish in Florida!

Proof that I don't always come home emptyhanded.

See!! Tim can catch fish too!

Enjoying a day out on Peters Creek.

Hillary enjoying the sun on a Saturday morning.

Relaxin' on the boat.

This is manatee country.

OCT 04 Success!

Trout can be caught in Florida - though not as many as in Louisiana

Hillary Catches Fish Too!

The first of three Louisiana keeper trout she caught this day. Unfortunately you cant keep these in Florida.


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