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Welcome to our world!  Jacksonville, Florida

This site provides our family and friends a place to drop in, see what's going on and leave a note.  Nothing fancy, just a place on the web to check out every once in a while.

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Andrea's kitchen island is finally done!  Check the Interests/Woodworking links to see pictures of the completed island.

Alex, Tom and the boys visited us in late December and January for a couple of weeks.  See the Photo Gallery for the Post-Christmas 2006 pictures.

Hillary graduated Summa Cum Laude from St. Louis University on 19 May.  We traveled to St. Louis for the event and got to see friends and family there.  Then we drove to New Orleans with Mom and spent a few days there.  Photos are in the Photo Gallery.

Paul retired from the Navy on July 20th.  His retirement ceremony was attended by LOTS of people including many of the family.  Check out the Photo Gallery for pictures.

Check the Favorites page for a link to Theresa's blog and pictures of the Gray's recent mission to Mexico.



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Photo Gallery

Fishing in Northeast Florida

Here you can see several collections of photos, including many from Mom's 80th birthday celebration and other recent happenings.

Here's where it all starts, in the driveway.  This is my 19' FishMaster, great for Northeast Florida inshore waters.  Oh yeah, this is also my new truck.  It pulls the boat very nicely!

  • Inshore Saltwater Angler - a great local fishing club focused on fishing the Intracoastal Waterway. bays, and river entrances of Northeast Florida.

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